Dear Alicia,

I know I have not written for a long time. I was low down and out and did not feel like writing. I wanted to talk to you, hear your voice. But I could not do that. I have been trying for over a month every Tuesday night and Thursday night. No answer. The double ringtone forever. Then I tried only Thursdays. No answer. Then another court hearing took place (but I was in Italy) and the Judge told your mother (again!) that she must allow contact between me and you. She sent me an email, not very friendly being your mother, saying that I must call you either on Wednesdays or Thursdays at given hours. There are two crucial points I think she is missing: point one I want to call you, I am longing to hear your sweet little voice, I am dying to talk to you; must is the least part. Point two, she must allow the phone to be answered. Or skype. Or whatever can make us rejoin contact again.

Anyway. Must…

Very few things happened during this month or so. Diego is growing fast. We brought him to the seaside and he was literally plunging himself into the sea. He’s happy as a happy pig when he’s in the water. You should see him playing with the hose in the garden splashing himself drenched to the bone! He’s very funny. He’s a very funny toddler. I really hope you’ll be able to know him soon!

Nonno is still struggling with health. I am trying to be with him more than I used to, but it is not easy. In this period I am finishing college work, so I have got exams and papers to read and, last but not least, I have got my own Ph.D. thesis to write and I am going very very very slow. The deadline has even been anticipated to the end of December and I can foresee myself writing until the 31st. I do not want to think about, this summer there is not going to be any holiday or much sea going!

In 15 minutes I am supposed to call you. I do not really think your mom will allow us to speak. I do not see why she should do that since she hasn’t for more than six months now. But I’ll try anyway. I’ll try and try and try until my fingers will bleed and when I’ll have no fingers I’ll try and try and try. My own mom, your other Granny Eleonora you are named after always told me how stubborn a child I was. And people do not change, my love. They just grow in different directions, like trees and their branches. The trunk stays the same.

So I’ll try and try and try. Until I’ll hear your voice again.




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